Starting the adoption process

To be considered as a potential home for one of our pets, the first step is completing an application.

E-Mail Completed application to

1. Get Adobe Acrobat Reader

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer (most folks will find this already installed), if not download using link below:

2. Download application

Next, download the NOLA Dachsund Rescue Application. This will save a file named "NOLAapplicationForm.pdf" on your computer.

3. Complete the application

For fastest turnaround we recommend filling out this application on your computer. Doing so will help make the process easier. To fill out the application, simply open it in adobe reader. It will open as an editibale document; you can type your information right into this form. Once complete, be sure to save your information. If this presents an issue, the application can be printed & filled out by hand. Electronic submissions are preferred if possible.

4. Email completed application

Email your completed application to Ms. Phyllis at adopt@noladachshund.orgsall volunteer organization; applications are considered periodically and in groups. We do our best to make sure that applications are quickly processed. Generally you should recieve a confirmation of your application within a few days of submitting it.

5. Perfect Match

The adoption process includes this application, a home visit, interviews/vet references to ensure a Perfect Match. While this process takes some time, it helps to ensure that our doggies get the best possible homes and that their new family structure meshes well with individual animals personalality & behavior. At the end of the day, we want everyone (doggies and people) to be happy!